Mobile solutions
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  • Creating network of commercial medical diagnostic centers over Ukraine from ZERO level.
  • Recruiting medical personnel (mostly managers and radiologist)
  • Remote imaging diagnostic
  • Development (adopting) of IT products for medical purposes (RIS, PACS)
  • Implementing mobile solution for radiology
  • Designing modular building for CT , MRI and CR
  • Innovation

    MDC Expert LLC
    - medical diagnostic (imaging) create network of Medical Diagnostic Centers in all regions of Ukraine, for present time 3 centers.
    - Mobile solutions 2 centers are based on mobile CT.
    - Innovations - we designed and constructed modular building we use it for our center!
    - IT in medicine we design information system for diagnostic centers based on CT, MRI, CR, US and other equipment. System help us control workflow (including billing system), prepare radiologists report and will be ready to be integrated with PACS. We are ready to cooperate with any PACSs vendor to create legal medical information system or Radiologist Information System (RIS)

    MDC Expert Ltd had been established in 2009. Close cooperation with Toshiba representative office in Ukraine, Ukrmedtechnika JSC, DiaVeritas Ltd, YUG invest Ltd let us have a good start. For the half of year we achieve big success :